LJUBLJANA MBA, Women for Women with Jerca Pavlič
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LJUBLJANA MBA, Women for Women with Jerca Pavlič

08 Jun

Why did a PR and communication specialist decided to pursue MBA?

In today’s highly competitive business environment, I believe we all have to be open-minded and continuously learn and gain new knowledge and skills in different areas. Education is the most important value for me and I always strive to be the best and learn as much as I can. As a PR and communication specialist, I was good at writing, communicating and speaking in front of an audience, but I felt I have to broaden my horizons in areas of economy and finance, as well as develop my leadership skills and capacities. When the opportunity to enroll in the MBA program at the University of Economics presented itself, I immediately knew that this was the right decision for me and it is going to be a turning point in my academic and professional career.

Which are the areas you have improved the most?

I was very surprised at the beginning how well thought-out and structured the program was. Every single part of the program, from the sequence of classes, group assignments and projects to final exams, contained a specific and valuable learning lesson for all of us. The program continuously stimulated our minds and completely changed our way of thinking. I improved the most in economy and accounting, which were the most challenging, but on the other hand most rewarding, because I stepped out of my comfort zone and exceeded my own expectations. I also improved my communication and presentation skills; furthermore, I became more confident, proactive and started to think more outside of the box.

As an individual and professional how do you operate today (after the MBA)?  What’s different from before, during the MBA time?

I am very grateful for this experience, because not only I have gained a great amount of new knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing and strategic management, but also more importantly I learned a lot about myself. I realized that my overthinking and reluctance to change are not good for me anymore, so during the program I really challenged myself to be more flexible, open to new things and embrace the fact I do not need to control everything. The MBA program also helped tremendously in my doctoral studies, because I gained so much knowledge and became more aware of what is happening in the real world. With the help from my MBA colleagues, who selflessly shared their opinions and experiences, I upgraded the doctoral idea, which is more suitable for modern business environment. After the MBA program, I find myself to be more focus, structured and have a clearer objective how to achieve my goals under high stress and pressure, before I spend a lot of time thinking and postponing decisions, which was counterproductive.

What’s an accomplishment that you are most proud of?

I am proud of myself for completing the MBA program, because I always felt I am more of a social science person, but now I know I also have a great potential in economics. I am also very proud and excited to have the opportunity to continue with my academic career, because currently I am working on two major projects. With two colleagues from the MBA program we are writing our master’s thesis on sales processes, which is a great learning experience, because I am gaining a lot of new knowledge and insights into sales process in a small business enterprise. The second important project in my life is working on my PhD thesis, which is quite challenging and demanding, nevertheless, it gives me a sense of purpose and helps me stay on the right path on becoming a specialist in organization behavior and human resources.

When you’re really busy, how do you manage to find balance in your life?

I have to admit I do not always find the right balance between working and relaxing, because when I am in the middle of a very important task or a project, I put all my time, energy and effort to finish it as perfect as I possibly can. When I am completely satisfied with my work, I take some time off. I mostly enjoy spending my free time at the seaside, where I find some tranquility and peace and recharge my batteries.

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