LJUBLJANA MBA Annual Awards 2022: Award of Excellence for the best student 2021/2022 - Anja Zaletel
LJUBLJANA MBA Annual Awards 2022: Award of Excellence for the best student 2021/2022 - Anja Zaletel

LJUBLJANA MBA Annual Awards 2022: Award of Excellence for the best student 2021/2022 – Anja Zaletel

03 Mar

Anja Zaletel capped off her MBA journey with an award for the best student of the 2021/2022 generation. She is currently responsible for managing key international clinical trial projects in the successful Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka.

With her MBA certificate in her hands, we invite you to hear her thoughts about her journey.

With LJUBLJANA MBA behind you, has the journey been worth it?

For me, there is only one answer: absolutely and without any doubt – it was worth it! The MBA has always been a big desire of mine. However, I often wondered how I could combine this intensive study program with my active professional and family life with two small daughters. However, I did it: with a positive attitude, good organization, and a supportive family, I successfully met the challenge of this journey. Even more, I have realized that every moment I dedicate to my MBA studies results in me becoming better, better for my colleagues, teammates, and most importantly, better for those who really matter in my life – my family and friends.

What was your LJUBLJANA MBA highlight?

The most memorable highlight is definitely the official graduation ceremony at the beautiful National Gallery of Art. There, the incredible two years were reviewed. I realized that practically every single moment of the MBA program had its own unforgettable highlights. Among these many highlights, there were three – the most interesting and important ones taught throughout the MBA program. The first is the value of building our leadership capacity, especially in terms of understanding people, embracing diversity, and being a facilitator. The second is certainly building awareness and prioritizing sustainability issues in all sorts of ways; and the third – connecting with real-world practice, including lecturers from industry, visits to world-renowned companies, delivering a solution to a real company from a completely unknown field, and, of course, unofficially sharing experiences with colleagues from completely different professional backgrounds.

What will be your professional and personal path after graduating from LJUBLJANA MBA?

As already mentioned this MBA has opened many new aspects for me and opened the door to the interesting world of business. Now more than ever I am aware of the world around me and of myself, not only of my advantages but also especially of the areas to develop further.
For me, there is no end, only beginnings of something new. Reaching the finish line of my MBA journey is just the beginning of new paths and projects in my professional and personal life. One of them is certainly to pursue my second master’s degree in business and continue to develop in understanding and leading people to develop the best possible version of themselves.
I am aware that the world full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity will bring a plethora of challenges. However, with our positive attitude, enthusiasm and empathy, anything is possible. You just have to be brave enough to take new, unknown steps in your life.

LJUBLJANA MBA Annual Awards 2022: Award of Excellence for the best student 2021/2022 - Anja Zaletel

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