LJUBLJANA MBA Annual awards 2022: Award of Excellence for Best alumni 2021/2022 – Daniel Polito
Daniel Polito

LJUBLJANA MBA Annual awards 2022: Award of Excellence for Best alumni 2021/2022 – Daniel Polito

16 Feb

Each year, the annual awards honor the best performing MBA student who demonstrated outstanding skills and motivation towards becoming tomorrow’s business leaders.

Generation 2021/2022 has honored their colleague Daniel Polito with this award. We invite you to read his MBA story.

With LJUBLJANA MBA behind you, was the journey worth it?
By completing this MBA program, I have fulfilled my commitment to lifelong learning, improvement, and application of skills that can help me succeed as a person and benefit others. I have also increased my confidence as I have gradually gained knowledge in many different areas. Before the program, I never in my life would have expected to be able to discuss such a variety of topics.
I had the opportunity to be in close contact with other professionals and students outside of my country of origin who have different professional experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives in global business. The MBA has sharpened my verbal and written communication skills, improved my empathic thinking and listening, and enabled me to communicate even complex concepts to different people and ensure that they are able to work towards a common goal.

What was your LJUBLJANA MBA highlight?

The ceremony was definitely one of the most memorable moments in my life. I had the great opportunity to first prove to myself and my family that I was able to overcome a difficult journey that required sacrifice, and this was a way to thank those who supported me with their love and trust, even in difficult moments. I also had the opportunity to play my guitar in front of my colleagues, with a special person singing with me, and that was certainly unforgettable. Both for me and for my inseparable guitar.

What will be your professional and personal path after graduating from LJUBLJANA MBA?
I plan now to find the right direction in which to invest my energy without leaving behind everything I have done before: The more I learn, the less I feel like I know. It’s time now for me to take a break to reach new heights, time to recharge my batteries and understand what’s next and how I can become a better version of myself, to bring innovation and culture to those around me, and to develop a better future for those I love.

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