10 years of the program: Klemen Medved

10 years of the program: Klemen Medved

09 Apr

10 years of the program. 10 years of stories. 10 years of success.

Class presidents about their MBA journeys

Klemen Medved, Class president 2020/2021

  1. Best MBA lesson learned?

Our 2020-2021 MBA generation has been impacted by coronavirus considerably. You can imagine how many concerns and challenges it has created. Not only from our point of view, our families and colleagues’ aspects, but from professors and supporting faculty perspectives as well.
Some say, we will be remembered as the “COVID-19” MBA generation. I will remember us as the “COVID-19 resistant” MBA generation. No matter how diverse we are, with differing goals, mindsets, beliefs, and individual circumstances (and therefore distinct constraints and even contrasting needs), we have proven that we are capable of finding a win-win way forward. Together, as a team.
To be perfectly honest, there have been ups and downs. And yes, we have lost a part of the MBA experience. But on the flip side, we have the opportunity to participate in something even bigger than the study itself. That is, to participate in a response to a disruptive situation with multiple stakeholders involved that are pursuing divergent goals. To learn from real-life reactions and self-reflections. To discover our inner self to a greater extent and explore the deeper nature of all other stakeholders involved. To actually practice leadership skills that are interwoven with MBA programs. To learn and grow through dimensions that are open only when the situations are tough(er).
So, the key lesson I would like to share is the following. It is always up to us what will we do in situations that we perceive as undesirable at that moment. We can concentrate on the negative, complain without adding value and make things even worse, or we can accept the challenges, focus on win-win solutions, keep a positive spirit and make the best out of it.
Although this should be a no-brainer decision for the latter, it is easy to get carried away towards the former. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that this experience allows us to raise our awareness even further and stay on the solution-oriented path, even when things in life don’t go as planned.

2. If you were an MBA professor, what would you teach? MBA lesson learned?

Probably a course based on leadership, intertwined with sustainability, innovation and the drive to change the world to be a better place for all.

3. Your best MBA memory?

Considering a myriad of funny situations, just recalling those memories makes me smile (for classmates only: like the “denominator” story :)).
Best memories are usually related to face-to-face meetings and we were quite limited in this regard (so far) due to the coronavirus. Nonetheless, we have been able to meet in person, too. One of those memories is the Union Experience Tour, where we walked through the rich history of Pivovarna Union Brewery and finished with a proper beer and food tasting at Union Pub. Not to mention the most recent pleasant memory, where we finally got to meet in person for the first time after COVID -19 took off.
However, the leadership weekend in Kranjska Gora and Dublin trip are yet to come. Therefore, I have a feeling the best memories are still ahead of us. 🙂

4. Best MBA class?

Even though we are approaching the finish line, our generation’s MBA program is still in progress. We still have two and a half classes ahead of us. Consequently, it’s a little bit too early to talk about this. That said, I’ve already experienced several amazing classes. Plus, I’m truly grateful to be learning from quite a few world-class professors, experienced guest lecturers and remarkable classmates.

5. What would be your advice to future MBAs?

You are not here to compete with others. Neither you are here for the title, nor to get a better-paid job. You are here to learn, to create, to empower, to connect, to help, to explore, to grow… And with all these experiences, to leverage your impact for the better. Put your ego aside. Not only the MBA adventure, but your entire life journey as well will be much better without it. No matter the circumstances that you might be going through, be grateful for the MBA opportunity. It will help you keep going when things get challenging.
Last but not least, enjoy the ride. 🙂

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