LJUBLJANA MBA Annual awards 2023: Award of Excellence for Best alumni 2022/2023 – Dunja Zorman
Dunja Zorman

LJUBLJANA MBA Annual awards 2023: Award of Excellence for Best alumni 2022/2023 – Dunja Zorman

28 Feb

Each year, LJUBLJANA MBA’s annual awards honour the best performing MBA students who have demonstrated outstanding skills and motivation to become the business leaders of tomorrow. The 2022/2023 generation has honoured their class president Dunja Zorman with this award. We invite you to read her MBA story.

With LJUBLJANA MBA behind you, has the journey been worth it?

The effort, and there was lots of it, was certainly more than worth it, and I’m grateful for the plethora of interactions I’ve had in the past two years, from cafeteria chats to lectures and the intense project debates. I’ve always been about connecting dots, people, and ideas and the support and wisdom of our professors, the MBA staff, and, most importantly, my classmates really make for an inspirational tapestry.

What was your LJUBLJANA MBA highlight?

My biggest takeaway – and a perpetual highlight – didn’t come from the textbooks but from the people around me. Among many things, they helped me face my fear of public speaking, which was a game-changer and only made possible by a collective push from my classmates. That’s what I value the most – the small pieces of advice and the shared struggle made the difference. It’s the people, always.

What will be your professional and personal path after graduating from LJUBLJANA MBA?

Looking ahead, I approach the future with both humility and a newfound confidence. It remains to be seen where I’ll go now. Let’s say I’m more ready than ever to take on whatever comes my way, but with no declarations. Actions speak louder than words, after all. And in these challenging times, positive action is needed more than ever.

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