LJUBLJANA MBA Annual awards 2023: Award of Excellence for Best alumni 2022/2023 – Tilen Sotler
Tilen Sotler

LJUBLJANA MBA Annual awards 2023: Award of Excellence for Best alumni 2022/2023 – Tilen Sotler

02 Apr

Each year, LJUBLJANA MBA’s annual awards honour the best performing MBA students who have demonstrated outstanding skills and motivation to become the business leaders of tomorrow. The 2022/2023 generation has honoured Tilen Sotler with this award. We invite you to read his MBA story.

With LJUBLJANA MBA behind you, has the journey been worth it?

I completed my education with a degree in computer science, so for my role as CEO, I needed to gain more knowledge from the economic and business field. It took me a few years to decide to join the MBA program, as I was unsure how it would fit into my busy schedule. I work in a fast-growing hi-tech company, where 92% of highly educated people, with an average age of 35, believe they could stay and innovate here their whole career. This is a story of the unorthodox practices of a multinational, award-winning Dewesoft and … It’s intense!

After I had joined the MBA program, at the end of the first semester, I faced an additional “challenge” – our daughter, Ema Pavlina, had been born. This made things even busier, but with strict time management, focus, and the unwavering support of my family, I was able to manage.

Looking back, it was not easy, but I learned so much from my teachers and colleagues, and I truly believe this experience has made me a better leader and person.

So to answer your question shortly: absolutely!

What was your LJUBLJANA MBA highlight?

The highlight of my experience was collaborating with colleagues from diverse business backgrounds. Each MBA project demanded teamwork, requiring us to assume different roles within the team – both as a leader and a follower. With tight deadlines, effective communication and organization were crucial, enabling us to excel under pressure. Each person openly shared their experiences and expertise, enriching our learning experience, while engaging in real-world scenarios broadened my understanding of business and dynamics in different fields.

Moreover, bonding outside classrooms, including with professors, fostered deeper connections between us. I believe I have formed not only professional connections but also lasting friendships. Such bonds are truly invaluable.

What will be your professional and personal path after graduating from LJUBLJANA MBA?

For me, the MBA is not the beginning of a new path, but rather a continuation of the existing journey, except that I am now equipped with a lot of new knowledge and more understanding. These newfound insights are invaluable in navigating the day-to-day operations of the company and in strategizing for the future, whether from a tactical or strategic standpoint.

I am confident that dedicating time to my studies in the MBA program will help me avoid repeating mistakes learned from real-life scenarios shared by my colleagues. This will also ensure that I use my time even more efficiently.

As I continue my journey, I am dedicated to pushing boundaries – not just in terms of technical expertise, but also in my personal growth. I strongly believe that leaders of the future should not only possess technical skills but also embrace the power of empathy, attentive listening and effective communication. It is through these qualities that we can make stronger connections, inspire greater innovation, and ultimately create a world where success is measured not just by profit margins, but by the positive impact, we leave on the lives of others.

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