LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Binet Alagic
Binet Alagic

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Binet Alagic

08 Apr

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Binet Alagic discussed her motivations for choosing the programme and how it has helped her progress in hers career post-graduation. Binet Alagic was a part of LJUBLJANA MBA Generation 2022/2023.

What inspired you to apply for the MBA program at LJUBLJANA?

I felt inspired to apply for the MBA program at Ljubljana for several reasons. Firstly, LJUBLJANA MBA program has a strong reputation for academic excellence and its curriculum aligns with my career goals. Additionally, I was excited to move from Colorado to Slovenia to immerse myself in a new culture and gain a broader international perspective through study in Ljubljana. Lastly, I viewed this as a chance to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

How would you summarize your two years in the LJUBLJANA MBA program using just three words? How do each of these words relate to your personal development and your professional growth?

1) Collaborative: The program was highly collaborative, emphasizing teamwork and communication. This aspect greatly contributed to my personal and professional development, teaching me the value of collaboration and diverse perspectives in achieving common goals.

2) Innovative: The program focuses on creative thinking and problem-solving. This has helped me think outside the box and approach challenges in new ways.

3) Empowering: I feel better equipped with the knowledge and confidence to take on new challenges in my career. I developed a stronger sense of self-assurance and belief in my abilities.

During your time in the LJUBLJANA MBA program, can you recall a specific experience where you felt you made the most significant progress? This could be in terms of skills, understanding, or personal growth.

The personalized neuro measurement assessment, which evaluated our empathy, growth mindset, and resilience, helped me identify and understand my strengths and weaknesses. This, coupled with the one-on-one coaching sessions, provided actionable insights on how to better enhance my skills, enabling me to grow both personally and professionally.

Based on your experiences, why would you recommend the LJUBLJANA MBA program to prospective candidates?

The LJUBLJANA MBA program offers a truly immersive experience that goes beyond the classroom, providing us with the opportunity to explore new cultures, perspectives, and business landscapes. Its global network of faculty and alumni creates a dynamic learning environment where we can gain practical skills and insights that are highly relevant in today’s VUCA world. I would highly recommend this program to prospective candidates seeking a transformative and culturally enriching MBA experience.

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