LJUBLJANA MBA and The Jožef Stefan Institute entrepreneurial cooperation
LJUBLJANA MBA and The Jožef Stefan Institute

LJUBLJANA MBA and The Jožef Stefan Institute entrepreneurial cooperation

15 Dec

The LJUBLJANA MBA consulting project is a perfect collaboration between the program and companies. 

The final projects are assigned to MBA candidates who further develop their potential by applying their knowledge and problem-solving skills to a real-world consulting project for an external organization. Building their innovative thinking and entrepreneurial abilities, they produce recommendations that are presented directly to the client.

In 2021 one of the projects was a collaboration between two renowned institutes. The Jozef Stefan Institute and the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana.

About the collaboration:

“Bringing results of scientific and technology research from the Jožef Stefan Institute into commercial products which have a meaningful impact on society and economy is what drives entrepreneurial researchers, their spin-out companies, and our Center for technology transfer and innovation. Building a successful spin-out company requires many different skills. 

Complementing the invention, science and engineering knowledge of the selected spin-out team with the 9th generation of MBA Ljubljana students and their faculty mentors brought us additional valuable findings of market situation, potential partnerships, financial planning, funding possibilities, and business development scenarios for the planned spin-out company. 

We were impressed by the outstanding level of professionalism, young and fresh positive energy, and personal involvement which was brought by the MBA Ljubljana students’ team in the final consulting project. The real value of project results was possible to achieve not just by performing desk research but in-depth interviews and meetings with relevant companies, potential customers, technology providers, and other stakeholders on the target market. 

We are enthusiastic to continue the cooperation of the Jožef Stefan Institute spin-out teams with new generations of MBA Ljubljana students in the future.”

Robert Blatnik, M.Sc., CLP, Senior Technology Manager, Spinnovator, Center for Technology transfer and innovation at Jožef Stefan Institute

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