LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Primož Kokalj
Primož Kokalj

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Primož Kokalj

13 May

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Primož Kokalj shared insights into why he selected the programme and the significant impact it has had on his career trajectory. Currently thriving as a CEO of Etiketa Printing House, Primož was a distinguished member of the LJUBLJANA MBA Class of 2022/2023.

What inspired you to apply for the MBA program at LJUBLJANA?

Managing a printing company with more than 200 employees in today’s ever-changing world requires constant learning and adaptation.
My desire to expand my management know-how and utilize my soft skills in the digital age led me to apply for the MBA program. I wanted to develop my leadership skills by understanding the business, the business environment, and the transformation processes. The LJUBLJANA MBA program offered a unique learning experience and a flexible schedule that allowed me to maintain my family life. A great benefit was also the opportunity to expand my network and connect with successful business leaders in the region.

How would you summarize your two years in the LJUBLJANA MBA program?

The two years in the program far exceeded my expectations. The entire program was an important development phase for me: on the one hand, it was a challenge for me to grow and learn beyond my limits, but on the other hand, it was also very rewarding to overcome challenges and gain valuable knowledge.

Based on your experiences, why would you recommend the LJUBLJANA MBA program to prospective candidates? 

Each course  I’ve taken has given me a special and unique experience. I was fortunate that as a manager I was able to immediately apply the knowledge and principles gained in each course to business practice.
But it’s much more than that: sharing experiences with like-minded people, discussions with the professors during breaks and after class, extra activities, a friendly atmosphere, good coffee, little details you don’t expect… So many things that are the icing on the cake.

Based on your experiences, why would you recommend the LJUBLJANA MBA program to prospective candidates?

I recommend the LJUBLJANA MBA program to all executives who already have some leadership positions. The combination of world-class practices learned in the program with the daily challenges of being a leader leads to the best results in my opinion. I cannot imagine a top executive today who hasn’t completed such a thorough and varied program. The LJUBLJANA MBA staff go above and beyond to give you something extra that you don’t expect.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.
Certainly, the best value for money I’ve ever invested.

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