LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Bernhard Lamprecht
Bernhard Lamprecht

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Bernhard Lamprecht

22 Apr

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Bernhard Lamprecht discussed his motivations for choosing the programme and how it has helped him progress in his career post-graduation. Currently thriving as a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Magna Auteca GmbH, Bernhard was a distinguished member of the LJUBLJANA MBA Class of 2022/2023.

How would you summarize your two years in the LJUBLJANA MBA program using just three words?

Outstanding professors. 

International fellow students. 

Professional association.

What inspired you to apply for the MBA program at LJUBLJANA?

Many engineers are entrusted with management tasks in the course of their career. Most of them try to master the new challenges according to the motto “training on the job”. At the latest after the first budget planning, the first business case analysis, the first big customer problem that has to be solved by leading a team, or after the first job interviews for a new team member, you realize that you have not really heard much about all these activities during your classical engineering education. 

During your time in the LJUBLJANA MBA program, can you recall a specific experience where you felt you made the most significant progress? 

The MBA program in Ljubljana was a wonderful experience for me in many ways, both professionally and personally. Excellent professors, fellow students with expertise from different disciplines and a professional organization made the MBA education an unforgettable 2 years. I work in the research and development department of a large international automotive group. After completing the course, I now have a much clearer picture of the areas of responsibility and challenges of the individual organizational units within the group. This enables me to better understand the views and demands of the various departments, but above all to argue better for my department and my team.

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