LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Albert Jedrejčič
Albert Jedrejčič

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Spotlight: Albert Jedrejčič

13 May

LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni Albert Jedrejčič shared insights into why he selected the programme and the significant impact it has had on his career trajectory. Currently thriving as a Business Director at Studio Sonda, Albert was a distinguished member of the LJUBLJANA MBA Class of 2022/2023.

What inspired you to apply for the MBA program at LJUBLJANA?

For years I had a secret desire to partake in an MBA program. One day the opportunity presented itself, and since I had ascended from the role of CFO to that of CEO in a creative agency, a growing need for a broader business perspective and the acquisition of new skills emerged. Armed with a glowing recommendation from alumni of LJUBLJANA MBA, and bolstered by the fact that the program is the best in this corner of Europe, I embarked upon this transformative journey.

How would you summarize your two years in the LJUBLJANA MBA program using just three words?

Bold, excellent, game-changing.

How do each of these words relate to your personal development and your professional growth?

The exceptional lecturers challenged us to think boldly and provided an excellent learning environment, where we witnessed our mindset shift and experienced a radical positive change in behaviour.

During your time in the LJUBLJANA MBA program, can you recall a specific experience where you felt you made the most significant progress? 

Engaging in guided simulations and group work enabled me to experience profound growth in various aspects. These exercises shed light on the importance of resilience, thinking with thorough preparation, and the importance of swift starting with implementation actions. It also cultivated a higher level of discipline and order in my behaviour. Finally, I improved in knowing how to ask the right questions and truly listen, which enabled me to understand diverse perspectives effectively, boosted my strategic decision capacities and fostered a more inclusive and healthier environment around me.

Based on your experiences, why would you recommend the LJUBLJANA MBA program to prospective candidates?

LJUBLJANA MBA surpassed my expectations, granting me a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experiences and friends. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to those seeking personal and professional growth.

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