LJUBJANA MBA 10 years: Miha Škerlavaj - Best professor Award LJUBLJANA MBA Generation 2017/2018.
Miha Škerlavaj Best professor Award 2017/2018.

LJUBJANA MBA 10 years: Miha Škerlavaj – Best professor Award LJUBLJANA MBA Generation 2017/2018.

08 Nov

What are the qualities do you think a MBA professor must have?

MBA program participants are anything by blank arks. They have a wealth of life experience and the role of an MBA professor is to build upon those in order to create stimulating learning environment. Many times it is about listening and taking perspective of the students and her context. Sometimes, being an MBA professor means challenging deeply-rooted personal theories. We are also walking knowledge media and connectors. We go places, meet interesting people around the world, do hopefully interesting and meaningful research. Showing interest, being curious and sharing knowledge is what I find my MBA students around the globe appreciate best.

How would you describe your work with companies in the field of executive education? How and where do you help them?

Executive education and traning is the arena in which I find myself thriving. It is rewarding to meet so many impactful, experience and wise program participants, listen to their stories and help them cocreate better organizations. I like to be challenged and I like to challenge others as constructive as possible. I also like to be very clear in terms of the expectations. There are no recipies, organizational lives are simply too colorful for that. In the approach itself I most often like to create conditions for experiential learning (case studies, simulations, interactive activities) to trigger reflection and interest for most current research findings. A joke every now and then does not hurt either.

What is your ideal outcome after the MBA class is finished? What do you wish that the candidates will take out of it?

Each students comes with his own story and set of expectations. Our role is to listen to those and tailor-make the learning journey to suit each and every single one of those. Our role is to build upon student strengths and show them that they are in the power of creating better, healthier and successful organizations if the learn on successes and mistakes of others. This is essentially what evidence-based and experiential approach to MBA education is all about.

What would your message to future MBA candidates be?

It is going to be hard, it is going to be fun, and it will make a difference. Just do it!

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