10 years of the program: Jošt Štrukelj

10 years of the program: Jošt Štrukelj

09 Apr

10 years of the program. 10 years of stories. 10 years of success.

Class presidents about their MBA journeys

Jošt Štrukelj, Class president 2017/2018

  1. Best MBA lesson learned?

It always pays to invest in your own development and growth. I never felt sorry for going along, not even for a minute.

2. If you would be an MBA professor, what would you teach?

Something between management and organization and neuroleadership. I would definitely do it the way the professors in the MBA program do it!

3. Your best MBA memory?

On the one hand build up a new network/ circle of friends and on the other hand successfully reconcile studies/work and family.

4. Best MBA class?

It’s been a few years since I finished the MBA, so it’s hard to pick one! But I would say any courses that involved practical examples that simulated real life. All of them :).

5. What would be your advice to future MBAs?

Don’t hesitate to join in! Enjoy every moment! Use what you learn to your advantage!

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