10 years of the program: Janko Ignjatović
10 years-Janko-Ignjatovic

10 years of the program: Janko Ignjatović

09 Apr

10 years of the program. 10 years of stories. 10 years of success.

Class presidents about their MBA journeys

Janko Ignjatović, Class president 2019/2020

1.      Best MBA lesson learned?

The best learning that I have got from the MBA course is the personal awareness, that with obtained knowledge, I am able to materialize all my dreams and wishes in any setting.

2.       If you were an MBA professor, what would you teach?

Current times require a wide set of intertwined disciplines in order to be and stay successful, however, I would choose to teach, leadership & communication on a conscious and subconscious level, as these skills are the basis for any personal and business relationship and are essential for every success.

3.      Your best MBA memory?

All the time that we have spent together in class, all our discussions and celebrations

4.      Best MBA class?

Human Resource Management.

5.      What would be your advice to future MBAs?

Having an MBA degree is a privilege that comes with responsibility towards ourselves – thus always thrive and build conditions for success; but also towards community – hence, use all acquired skills to make this world a better place for future generations.

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