My MBA story:  Avgoustinos Kotsonis
My MBA story: Avgoustinos Kotsonis

My MBA story: Avgoustinos Kotsonis

22 Mar

During my 2-year journey in the Ljubljana MBA, I had the chance to work with exceptional colleagues (now friends) from the 8th generation and the privilege to learn from remarkable professors who are experts in their field. The MBA made me even more aware of the importance of building strong relationships and communicating and connecting effectively with various stakeholders (both personal and professional). Moreover, it allowed me to listen to people with different views and approaches, which proved to be very educational and helped me not only to think differently but also to understand the perspective of others, regardless of their expertise and industry.

In addition, the MBA provided me with tools and insights into topics I had not dealt with in the past, which overall made me a better ”player” and therefore a more complete leader. Needless to say, even though there were people from different backgrounds in the class, it was always great to hear them give their examples and share their knowledge, in addition to the professors leading constructive and self challenging classes and discussions.

Last but not least, the MBA gave me personally a sense of belonging. To belong somewhere where you don’t have to constantly prove yourself, while being around people who, although different, all have the same aspirations; to become better, to grow as leaders of the future, and most importantly, to have fun together.

Overall, it was definitely ” a WIN” :)!

Avgoustinos Kotsonis, 8th Generation Alumni

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