LJUBLJANA MBA Survey 2023: mapping MBA graduate career trajectories

LJUBLJANA MBA Survey 2023: mapping MBA graduate career trajectories

17 Jul

When it comes to jobs for MBA graduates, LJUBLJANA MBA is proud that our MBA programme ranks at the top of today’s best business schools (in region). A recent LJUBLJANA MBA career survey has provided valuable insights into the outcomes and expectations of MBA graduates.


From technology and engineering to hospitality and real estate
Survey participants were asked about the sector in which they worked. The most frequently represented sectors within the sample were industry (14%); IT (10%); pharmaceutic, automotive and engineering (9%); finance, real estate and logistic (7%); energy and marketing (5%); consulting and education (4%). In total, most industries were represented, demonstrating the diversity of career paths among MBA graduates. 

Salary growth
One of the most prominent takeaways from the MBA career survey is the salary growth experienced by MBA graduates. On average, candidates reported a 30% increase in their post-MBA salaries compared to their pre-MBA earnings. This data underscores the long-term financial benefits of investing in an MBA education. 

Career advancement
The survey indicated that MBA graduates experienced career advancement already within the first year after programme completion. This reflects the fact that employers often view an MBA as a valuable credential that demonstrates a candidate’s commitment to professional growth and development.

Nine out of 10 participants (90%) were in full-time employment at the time of filling out the survey; 1% is working less than 20 hours per week; and zero percent were not working at the time.
To gauge participants’ seniority, the survey asked to state their role in the organisation in which they worked at the time of completing the survey. Just 3 out of 10 participants (31%) were at the level of middle management (incorporating divisional head and principle level roles); 45% were senior managers or CEOs (incorporating directors, partners, or vice presidents) and 7% were consultants.

LJUBLJANA MBA Survey 2023: mapping MBA graduate career trajectories


After completing the LJUBLJANA MBA, the candidates see large improvements in their professional capabilities and confidence. A staggering 86 % increase in their confidence when making crucial business decisions. It is evident in their dedication to improving performance, with 90 % reporting that they run projects more effectively. Their enhanced competence and strategic thinking contribute significantly to organisational success, underlining the profound impact an MBA education has on both individual careers and the businesses they work in.

LJUBLJANA MBA Survey 2023: mapping MBA graduate career trajectories

Perceptions of benefits of LJUBLJANA MBA

Participants were also able to outline their perceived successes following the completion of their MBA in their own words. The examples below highlight some of these answers from the sample. 

“If you are not from the economics profession this is the programme for you. The acquisition of many new skills to improve operations in the business environment.”

“LJUBLJANA MBA program helps to see things from different perspectives. For professional and private life.”

“In a few words: Personal development, career boost, a broader overview of the economic world.”

“Personal development, career boost, a broader overview of the economic world.”

“First class professors with extensive expertise in their fields, excellent organization, good structure of participants.”

“MBA is not only an educational program, but it also transforms you as a person. Somehow, surrounded by people similar to you and completely different, and all the self-reflection tasks, allow you to see and evaluate yourself from other points of view. Then you have the possibility to improve your shortcomings, or to push yourself less, realising that you are already strong enough in some area. You grow much more personally, which also helps you on your career path.”


The results of the MBA career survey reaffirm the value of an MBA education in today’s competitive job market. Gratuities see significant salary growth, accelerated career advancement, and high levels of job satisfaction due to their improved competences and skills.

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