Ljubljana MBA, ALUMNI AWARDS: Matej Kurent
Ljubljana MBA, ALUMNI AWARDS: Matej Kurent

Ljubljana MBA, ALUMNI AWARDS: Matej Kurent

09 Feb

FELU MBA Annual Awards 2017 – Best Alumni

Matej Kurent, Sales Manager, New Frontier Slovenia

Ljubljana MBA, ALUMNI AWARDS: Matej Kurent

Matej, your colleagues Alumni choose you for the FELU MBA Annual award for Best Alumnus. What does this mean to you?

It is a recognition from my colleagues and peers, which is a great honour and also a responsibility to justify the trust gained. As well as it is mine, it is also award for all the effort and engagement of my fellow MBA colleagues. Many tasks and activities during the studies were part of the team work and we surely were and still are a great team!

What are the most important decisions/challenges that you face daily as a leader in your organization?

The most important ones decisions are usually, not necessarily, the toughest ones. Those decisions are the ones, which do not have clear answers or which very often bring certain levels of risks, certain negative implications etc. I guess it is important to assess and evaluate all possibilities and implications, be it in our business or personal lives, and then simply take the decision. Small or big one, some take more decision time then other, but for leader it is crucial to be decisive. There are very often not right or wrong decisions, but it is very often wrong decision not to take decision at all.

As an individual and professional, how do you operate today (after your MBA degree)?  What’s different from before, during the MBA course?

Besides “filling the knowledge gaps” within my 2 years of MBA in many areas , extending my network with amazing colleagues from our and other generations of MBA, the most important difference for me is how my perspective of many aspects of business and personal life has changed. I take decisions differently, I very likely deal with challenges and also conflicts differently, I listen more. I simply try to see challenges and opportunities from wider perspective, which helps me take better or at least more argument based decisions. MBA helped me a lot to understand and implicate this wider perspective in my daily activities.

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