LJUBLJANA MBA 2019/2020 Graduation ceremony

LJUBLJANA MBA 2019/2020 Graduation ceremony

03 Sep

The first Friday in September was a day to celebrate the success of the LJUBLJANA MBA 2019/2020 generation with graduation ceremony.

They have concluded their journey already in December 2020, but together with them, we decided that the graduation ceremony will be held in person as soon as the circumstances will allow that.

For both the participants and the team of the Centre of Business Excellence at SEB LU, this is an important conclusion. It is a conclusion to the most challenging but also an extremely enjoyable journey of intensive business and personal development. How many pleasant memories and, above all, how much new knowledge and experience are joined together in the symbolic graduation hat throwing. They fly into the sky and open up new possibilities.

“Use all the knowledge you have, combine it with the right values and fly! Only the sky is the
limit!” was just one of the thoughts that accompanied the graduates with the LJUBLJANA MBA certificate into the future.

31 participants are now joining the elite LJUBLJANA MBA Alumni club. Janko Ignjatović, class president, shared inspiring words with his generation:
“Back in 2019, when we started our LJUBLJANA MBA journey, we lived in a different world… and what an amazing journey we had together…

….So please remember, that having an MBA degree is a privilege that also comes with responsibility towards ourselves. Thus continue to thrive and build conditions for success, but also towards our community. Hence, use all acquired skills to make this world sustainable for future generations, as in the current turbulent times of the global pandemics and following the social and economic crisis, the whole of humanity is looking up to professionals and leaders like you! In this period, our generations will be the ones to shape the future of our communities and planet through our work and bear the responsibilities like no other generation ever before…

You get a choice to live in a world already built, or you build a world you love!”

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